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December 2015 Newsletter

As 2015 draws to a close we look back on a year of challenges with a sense of overcoming.


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TGIS's contribution to solving Business Challenges - watch here

Quarterly Newsletter 3 of 2014

On 1 June 2014 TGIS turned 15


Quarterly Newsletter 2 of 2014

The elections are behind us...


1st Quarter Newsletter of 2014

We hope you will enjoy our first quarterly newsletter of 2014

December 2013 Newsletter

TGIS has moved forward with a number of strategic thrusts that reposition the company to maximise its current strengths and exploit new technologies and opportunities.


April 2013 Newsletter

It is hard to grasp that we are already in April, but we have started busy. We are now solidly into 2013, and the sometimes over-festive festive season is a distant memory. I pray that each of you will come to know the peace of entering the rest of finding your purpose in Him, and that you will achieve every goal He set for you, regardless of whether you've embodied them in the traditional, but often fleeting, New Year's resolution, or set your spirit and mind on a life style change.


Newsletter 3 of  2012

TGIS is ISO Certified

Total Geo-spatial Information Solutions (Pty) Ltd was awarded ISO 9001:2008 certification by PWC on the 7th of September 2012. This is an exciting milestone in the history of TGIS, who stands proud as one of the very few GIS, software and management information systems companies in South Africa to possess this valued certification.


Quarterly Newsletter 2 of 2012

To all our valued stakeholders, I wish to extend my greatest gratitude, for your continued support over the years. TGIS is growing, we are moving from strength to strength. Our investments in new technologies and our R&D efforts to provide cutting edge solutions are paying off. Our value addition and offering to our clients is rapidly expanding and we believe it is still the best in industry.


Inaugural Quaterly Newsletter

For those who dream of a smoothly running South African Municipal Environment that delivers service effectively, we would value an opportunity to show you how we can help you on your journey beyond compliance to excellence.



IMIS, the leading integrated spatially enabled information system for municipalities is now also available on the ESRI platform. This integrated system is modular and caters for all the departments in a municipality. It is currently in use in over 40 municipalities. IMIS which ran exclusively from the Planet GIS platform is now available to all the municipalities currently using ESRI products


TGIS leads 3D Mobile Mapping






ISO 9001:2008 Cetrified Company

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