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TGIS is ISO Certified

TGIS is ISO certified!

Total Geo-spatial Information Solutions (Pty) Ltd was awarded ISO 9001:2008 certification by PWC on the 7th of September 2012. This is an exciting milestone in the history of TGIS, who stands proud as one of the very few GIS, software and management information systems companies in South Africa to possess this valued certification.

Lance Nel, Managing Director of TGIS delivered a heartfelt address to the auditors from PWC all the staff: “It is with much jubilation that I now announce TGIS is ISO 9001 certified. It is a clear indication of the commitment of the management and staff of TGIS to delivering the highest quality products and services.”

Adri du Plessis Senior Manager Certification and Accreditation for PWC, remarked upon presentation of the certificate that “TGIS has performed extremely well during the various stages of the process towards accreditation.” Adri then proceeded to deliver a well deserved round of praise for all the effort that was put in. Special mention was made of the fact that TGIS had zero non-conformances of any kind, which is extremely rare for any company. Fair warning for future complacency was given and that only after the climax of achieving certification does the real work begin, to ensure that processes are continually improved.

Ciska Engelbrecht Director of Corporate Services at TGIS, which oversaw the ISO certification process, attributed much of the success to the internal use, of the Integrated Management Information System (IMIS) which is TGIS’s flagship product. 

After the formalities of the handover ceremony, the Directors of TGIS, proceeded to thank each staff member individually for all the effort they placed to achieve ISO certification as well as over the years in maintaining industry leading solutions. IMIS is a system which integrates document management, land data via a GIS, with business functions such as HR and communications management; these core modules can be supplemented with myriad technical functions such as project management, infrastructure management and town and building management functions. The system is designed to be a one stop shop for most software needs of any organisation but especially the municipal market as they have complex technical requirements. IMIS is a process driven system, which allowed TGIS to digitise all processes and then align them to ISO standards. TGIS believe that the use of IMIS will enable other organisations to take great strides to achieve their own ISO compliance.

The ISO certification is testament to the effort to ensure that only the best products and services are produced, keeping clients fully satisfied. ISO is an ongoing process of improvement. The management and Staff of TGIS will endeavour to continue to improve our processes which will in turn increase the quality of our delivery to you, our valued client.



ISO 9001:2008 Cetrified Company

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